The Chintapurni Devi

The sacred place belongs to ‘Chhinnmastika
Devi’ i.e. the goddess without head. It is also
known as the Abode of Chhinnamastika. But the
most popular name is Chintpurni, which liter-
ally means the deity who fulfills the desires and
saves from all sorts of worries. Some parts of the
holy feet of Sati are said to have fallen here, while
Lord Vishnu shot arrows to cut the corpse into

The shrine of Chintapumi is situated in Una district of Himachal Pradesh State, in northern India.
From the capital Delhi, the visitors have to reach
Hoshiarpur, a famous city in the state of Punjab.
The buses for Chintpurni are available from
Hoshiarpur. A two hours run from here leads a
traveller to a place called Bharvain-very near to


The goddess without head-According to a myth
the goddess cut her head herself with a dagger, to
quench the thirst for blood, for two of her counter-
parts (yoginies Ajay, Vijay) after the fierce battle
with .dreadful demons. The counterparts
demanded more blood to drink.

The buses for Jwalaji also go via Chintpurni.
Direct bus service from Naina Devi shrine is also

Accommodation : The town of Chintpurni consists a number of Dharamshalas (charitable lodgings) some of them situated near bus-stand itself
and others in the upper bazar leading to the tem-
ple. Some Pilgrims also stay with their family
priests called -Pujaries and Pandas. P.W.D. Rest
house has been constructed in Bharvain, at a distance of about 2 kms. from Chintpumi. The town is
over-crowded during ‘ the festive periods of
Ashtami and Nauratras. Otherwise, on the
remaining days of the year, there is absolutely no
difficulty in getting the accommodation in

The History Of Chintapurni:

It is said that a devotee named Mayidass, who
was an ardent devotee of Goddess Durga, disco-
vered this spot. As per the old myth, Mayidas was
born in village Athar (District Patiala of Punjab).
His father had three sons and Mayidass happened
to be the youngest one. Like his father, Mayidas
used to spend much of his time in the worship of
mother goddess. Due to this he was not able to
help in the family business. Owing to this aversion
to business, his brothers separated from him.
However, Mayidass continued to spend his time in
the worship and other routines connected with his
devotion to Mahamaya. One day, while going to his
inlaws house, he sat to rest, under a banyan tree-
(The old name of this place was Chbaproh and the
present Chintapumi temple is built under the
same tree.)

Being tired Mayidass fell asleep. While
sleeping he dreamt a divine giri full of radiance
and blazing. The divine girl ordered Mayidass to
built a temple at the same spot and be in her ser-
vice. When he awoke from sleep, he left for his in-
laws place but the divine girl’s call in dream state
swarmed his mind constantly. While returning
from his in-laws house, Mayidass again halted
near the same place. He came to a stand still and
same unknown fear haunted him. He began to
pr-ay under the same banyan tree. While reciting
hymns in the praise of mother Goddess, he
implored for divine revelation so that his doubts
are removed. After worshiping for a long time,
Goddess Durga riding a lion, revealed herself. The
whole place was radiant with her celestial grace.
The Goddess said to Mayidass, “I am under this
tree, since times immemorial. Due to the invasions
of foreigners (non-believers) and subsequent
cruelities against the inhabitants, the people for-
got me. I am staying under this tree in “Pindi-
Rupa.’ You are my ardent devotee and as such you
stay here in my service and worship me. I am
known as Chhin-Mastika.

As I have absolved you
from all worries so I will hence forth be known as
Chinta-Purni mother’ Mayidass bowed unto the
goddess and said, “Mistress of the Universe, compassionate mother, I am weak, ignorant and imbecile.
How can I live alone in this dense forest? There is
no water, food or shelter? This place is frightening, even during day, not to speak of night.”
Mother replied, “I bless you to be fearless. You
recite holy Mantra to become fearless-You recite the seed Mantra as a
flower of my worship. You go to the foot of this
forest. You remove any big stone. You will get
water. Worship me with that water. Those
devotees who will worship me will be free from all
worries. They will in turn construct a temple. The
offerings to this temple will be enough for your
livelihood. Don’t worry for future. Your family and
future progeny will alone have the right of my
worship.” Saying so the mother disappeared.

Having been graced by divine vision, Mayidass
was absolved of all worries. He became ecstatic
and was full of joy. He tread down the hill and
removed a big stone. To his surprise, he found
water gushing out. He became too happy. He built
a hut, near this place and started worshipping
‘Pindi’ daily, after regular abultion with holy
water. This big stone removed by Mayidas, is still
there, in the holy Chinta-Purni temple. The place,
where water gushed out, has taken a shape of
tank now. The water of tank is used. for holy
mother’s abultion.

Chhinnamastika Name: Why and How?

As per Markandeya Purana* it is believed that
after the victory of Mother ‘CHANDI’ over all
demons, the two disciple companions Ajay and
Vijay begged of mother, to quench their blood
thirst. On hearing this goddess ‘Chandi’ cut her
own head and quenched the thirst of her disciple
companions. That is how goddess was named as

As per legends and Puranas the abode of
‘chhinnamastika Devi should be surrounded
on all sides by ‘Rudra Mahadeva.’ That means that
the temple of goddess should be surrounded by
four Shiva temples. The holy temple of Chinta
Purni bears testimony to this fact.

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