Buy More Pay Less

The More You Buy The Less You Pay! is extremely pleased to announce the launch of a new pricing

structure wherein our solitary objective has been to establish a

very simple procedure of more the purchases in multiple quantity, the

less you have to pay. As a result there will be lower prices in every deal

therefore ensuing maximum benefits being accrued to your billings*.

Lets take an example:

A CD of the title ? Saraswati is priced at US$6.25 and the shipping charges

to the US will be US$11.00 for the same thus the total coming to US$17.25

for ONE CD of Saraswati.

But if you choose to purchase 3 CDs of Saraswati which are priced at


($6.25 x 3 = $18.75) + the shipping charges for these 3 CDs to the US will

be US$11.00 thus bringing the total amount to US$29.75 only!

This results in huge savings of US$22.00 or in other words discounts up to

more than 40% in this particular case.

Hence you can see that this new pricing structure can endow immense benefits

and give you huge bargain opportunities that do undoubtedly not exist on the

Internet today!

* Please note that the above calculation in only an illustration taking the

exact same figures as above and the discounts may vary from the item that

you buy, the quantity of the item/s (including their respective weight) that

you select and finally the delivery destination that you may select.

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