Aarties of Ganesh, Shiva, Hanuman, Durga and Lakshmi

Aarti is a Divine hymn that is sung as an invocation for the deity in order to appease the God or Goddess. It is usually in a lyrical form with poetic stanzas and devotional music. An aarti is often written by vedic scholars or by devotees who then choose to remain anonymous. However an aarti is vastly different than the authentic and powerful mantra and is generally perceived to be a simple musical prayer that extols and glorifies the benevolent virtues of a particular God or Goddess and is meant for the exaltation of the given deity. The singing of the aarti is customarily in the last stage of the Pooja or worship and is sung in a chorus by all the devotees assembled for the ritual of the pooja. The other ritual associated with the singing of an aarti is of praying with holding a ?Nandadeep? or a ?Niranjan? lighted with cotton wicks and the aarti is performed in front of the idol or picture of the deity.

Though there are many forms and versions of aartis in praise of various Gods or Goddesses, MantraOnNet.com has however featured the most famous rendering of an aarti that is universally related with a particular deity. As per our acknowledged procedure we have a complete set of aartis dedicated to various Gods and Goddesses in the most unique format of Original Sanskrit script with meanings in both Hindi and English and finally with audio facility for the entire length of the aarti.

Please click on the links below to read & hear the respective aarties:

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