Crystal Energy Grid Systems

Geometry is a visual affirmation of mathematical relationships. It shows the way energy looks when it takes form. Mathematics defines relationships between one object and another. Since all objects are ultimately energy, it can be said that all energy can be defined by mathematics. Physics uses mathematics to describe the action of energy as it moves through our three dimensional universe. What, then, is energy, which moves beyond three into four dimensions or more? If we move out of the universe of form, governed by three dimensions and controlled by space and time, we move out of body into mind. The fourth dimension, then, must be the dimension of pure thought. Energy is always energy, regardless of dimension. Whatever energy we perceive in our dimension of form must exist in the dimension of thought. The highest dimension of energy must be God. As the energy drops into denser dimensions, each dimension changes the way it expresses and is perceived, but the energy is always energy. The energy of pure thought is magnetic in nature when it moves through three dimensions. Not ferrous magnetic, another type of energy akin to gravity. This is why crystals, similar to magnetic storage for computers, can retain thoughts. All form exists in four dimensions as thought. Those thought forms are pictures of geometric designs.

If we desire to bring energy from the fourth down to the third dimension, we must create geometrical thought forms and activate them with our minds. Crystals serve to anchor these fourth-dimensional, geometric, energy grid fields into our universe. They can create a gate through which energy flows that energy is the force, which is life for all Biological forms.

Crystal energy grids offer a most puzzling phenomenon. A very large Source of energy can be produced, apparently from nowhere. This energy can be locked into any area you want. It will cause energy changes in any object within the field. Crystal grids can be used for a wide variety of purposes. They can charge objects with life-force energy. They can be used to create powerful emotional changes in anyone who comes into the area. This includes using them for conscious dream work during sleep. Last, but not least, they can be used for absent healing. Charging Crystal grids can be used to charge an object or an area with life-force energy. Any object within these grids will have its energy increased. It will absorb and retain a large amount of life-force energy. This energy can be passed on to you or any other living biological form.

  • Clothing: Your clothes are the nearest thing to your skin. Synthetic clothes weaken your energy field; natural fabrics complement you. Both types of fabrics can be charged in crystal grid fields. Charging can overcome the detrimental effects of synthetics. Set up a grid under your dresser or chest of drawers, and another one by your closet. Most material objects do not block the energizing effect. It will go right through the wood in your dresser.

    Charging is especially beneficial for athletes. Runners and others in movement sports should charge their shoes by putting them in an energy grid. Most of the meridians of the body exit at the feet. Charging your shoes will offer a new source of energy to all the organs and cell areas at the other end of those meridians. It will offer the feet more energy to combat the great amount of stress they will suffer during their sport.

  • Crystals: All your crystals and jewelry should be kept in a crystal grid field. This will clear them of negative emotions and charge them with energy you can use when you have them with you.

  • Food: Any food placed in the grid will be charged, even through the container. Canned or bottled, packaged or boxed, in bags or bowls, whatever container you have, any food within them will become charged and retain that charge until you use it.

  • Linens: Sheets, pillowcases, and towels should be charged. Put a crystal energy grid in your linen closet. It is a very good feeling to dry off with a charged towel. Imagine sleeping between charged sheets. The extra energy may make your nightlife more interesting.

  • Plants: All your houseplants can benefit from grid systems. Placing a plant in a grid fields does wonders for sick or weak plants. Using charged water for them really makes them happy. Try feeding one plant with charged nutrient or fertilizer and charged water. Do nothing different with a similar-plant. Check the difference, if any, at the end of 30 days.

  • Water: Place a jug of water within the activated grid for 24 hours. A dowsing rod will measure an increase in the energy field of the water from one foot to 20 feet or more. Use this water for drinking, cooking, watering your plants, or drinking water for your pets. Either a four or a six-sided grid will work.

  • Area: Whole areas can be charged. The areas can be as small as jewelry box or as large as a farm.

  • Autos: You can grid your cars in several ways. The overall vehicle, the interior, and your driver’s seat. You may experience increased efficiency with your car. You will certainly be less fatigued while driving. There will be a corresponding lift in your emotional state. The shape of the car will determine the shape of the grid.

  • Beds: Girding your bed can increase your body’s ability or rebuild itself and recharge your cell’s batteries. You should not need as much sleep. It can also change your dreaming. We recommend a six-sided grid for the bed.

  • Building Foundations: An entire building or groups of buildings can be crystal girded by putting the crystals in the foundations. This creates a permanent energy field around the whole structure. To date, we have girded houses, an apartment building, an office building, a shopping center and an ashram.

  • Gardens: Entire garden areas can be girded, or even entire farms. Hydroponics buildings are especially suited to this process. In all cases, the plants will benefit. The type of area will determine the type of grid to be used.

  • Pets: Grid your pet’s cage, bed, or house. It will be a marvelous treat for them. They will love you for it. You should notice a definite decrease in trips to the veterinarian and an overall increase in their health. Their wounds will heal faster.

  • Rooms: Any room can be ridded and the energy enhanced. Thought forms, imbedded in the grid, can cause emotional changes. Waiting rooms and therapy rooms can accelerate emotional healing processes. Hospital rooms are the best candidates for this type of girding. All hospital rooms, especially emergency areas, are filled with the emotional trauma of sick and hurting people. All their thoughts and feelings are negative, and this negativity permeates the walls and fabrics within the rooms. Any negative emotional field will weaken the biological energy field of anyone who comes within the area. This is a major stress factor for nurses and doctors, as well as patients.

  • Treatment Tables: Crystal energy grid fields can be attached to treatment tables to enhance massage, shiatsu, Jin shin, polarity therapy, chiropractic and other body and energy manipulation processes.

    For our healing purposes, we use only two of many different crystal energy grid fields. We use a four-sided and a six-sided grid. The four-sided crystal grid pattern emulates a pyramid. It creates a simple field of pure bio-energy. Anything within this field will absorb and store or use this energy. The six-sided gird is a little more complex. It is used to create and hold emotionally charged thought forms within a specific area. It is also our first choice for absent-healing. It is the most stable grid field and connects you to the natural forces of Mother Earth.

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