Crystal Kit

Every person who works with crystals should have a basic kit containing these crystals:

  • Pendant (Crystal or Sphatic Mala) – To be worn around the neck to rest on the heart chakra. This increases the immune system energy reserve by stimulating the thymus gland.

  • Meditation – One or more crystals for meditation. Meditation stabilizes the emotional energy field. Any stone or shape can be used.

  • Healing – For maximum effectiveness in healing, you should have two crystals, one for each hand. The recommended size range is two to five inches in length. Any shape can be used to some degree, but we recommend a single-terminated crystal, either suggested over other shapes because they have a base and a tip. This allows us to identify and direct the energy flow because energy will naturally enter the base and flow out the tip. Any form of quartz can be used for healing. Smoky quartz, amethyst, rose quartz, green quartz are often used. Other more distant members of the silicate family, such as blue lapis lazuli, green malachite, blue azurite, tourmaline, beryl, and aquamarine are sometimes used even though they are more expensive.

  • Four Color Set – In the training taught by the Crystal Awareness Institute, we incorporate a major process called the Four Color Healing. The process uses four colored stones representing the four major energy bodies. Green quartz represents the physical, pink rose quartz balances the emotional body, blue lapis are for the mental and purple amethyst is the stone for the spiritual body.

  • Clients – lf you are a healing practitioner, you will need crystals for your clients. All healing processes are accelerated and amplified when crystals are held by both the client and the therapist. The most powerful effect occurs when the client is holding a clear crystal in the left hand, with the tip pointing in to the heel of the left hand, and a crystal held in the right hand, with the tip pointing out toward the finger tips. Healing practitioners should assign two crystals to each client and keep the crystals in a bag attached to the client’s file. Clear the client’s crystals by holding them in each hand and repeating the Light Invocation three times. “I invoke the Light of the God within. I am a clear and perfect channel. Light is my guide.”

    When you become more experienced, you will use crystals for many purposes. For example, clusters, which are multiple crystals together in one piece, are excellent for creating a change in your immediate environment. You can use sets of crystals to create powerful grid fields to charge water, food, clothing, and to change the energy field of an entire room. The variety of uses for crystals can expand in direct proportion to your knowledge.

  • Light Invocation – saying the Light Invocation aloud three times will increase the measurable body energy field at least 10 times. Kirlian photography shows a great increase in light intensity after the Light Invocation is spoken. measurement of negative ions shows double the normal amount. Dowsing rods show an increase from about one foot to an average of ten feet.

  • Chakra Balance – Balancing the seven major chakras will cause an increase in energy.

  • Crystal Energy Grid Systems – All objects can be charged using crystal energy grid systems. See Section -Special Tools -Crystal Energy Grid Systems. The purpose of charging is to create more energy for you to use or store for later use. Try all these techniques and any combinations if you feel inspired. You can benefit from all of them.
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