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Devi Dhun

Hinduism includes several accounts of Devi’s (Durga) origin. She
is sometimes said to arise from Lord Vishnu as the power that makes
him sleep or as his magical, creative power. In the Vishnu-purana
Vishnu enlists her aid to help delude a demon king who is threatening
the infant Krishna. In the Devi-mahatmya she comes to the aid of
the god Brahma and ultimately of Vishnu himself when Brahma invokes
her to leave the slumbering Vishnu so that Vishnu will awaken and
fight the demons Madhu and Kaitabha. A similar account of her origin
occurs in one such incident relating to her defeat of the demons
Sumbha and Nisumbha. Durga emerges from Parvati in these accounts
when Parvati sheds her outer sheath, which takes on an identity of
its own as a warrior goddess.

This album contains the repetitive chanting of this divine Goddess
Devi’s mantra – ‘Jai Mata Kalika Chandike’ sung exceptionally well
by Preeti Uttam Singh. Dhyana or meditation is believed to enhance
concentration, a composed state of mind and even long life. By chanting
this divine Vedic mantra one can feel an aura of powerful vibrations
that are generated with such invocations that bestow benefits that
are invaluable. We also greatly recommend this beautiful album as
this is being released keeping the forthcoming pious Festival of
Navratra (celebration of Devi and Her other forms) in mind.

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