Durga CD Audio Titles

Mother Durga is the most elemental avatar of motherhood and She
has always been considered to be the principal caretaker of Her large
universal family of mere mortals. The word ‘Durga’ itself means invincible
and She is believed to be an incarnation of Lord Shiva and His consort
Goddess Parvati. Goddess Durga is revered in many ways and there
are numerous forms of prayers devoted to Her however this audio presentation
is considered to be the most transcendent and quintessential prayer
in Her praise. With Vedic and ancient mantras and chants like With
Vedic and ancient mantras and chants like Tantroktam Devi Suktam,
Siddhakunjika Stotram, Durgadwatrinshannamala & Shree Durgashattottar
Shantnam Stotram the devotee of the Mother is left seeking for more
and is drawn in to the translucent streams of divine light and spiritual
music. Indeed a versatile album that is blessed by the Divine Mother ? Durga.

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