Mystical Tales – Arabian Nights DVD

The Arabian Nights stories are some of the worlds great treasures
in story telling. The Arabian Nights also known as the 1001 Nights,
are told with a great sense of adventure, truth, fantasy, imagination,
justice and faith, embodied by the great civilizations that contributed
to making these stories what they are today. The Arabian Nights include
fairy tales, fables, romances, farces, legends and parables. The tales
use a sweeping variety of settings, including Baghdad, Basra, Cairo,
Damascus as well as China Greece India North Africa and Turkey. Our
DVD has some of the most interesting stories which have never been
told before.

Sultan Schariar: This story narrates the origin of the Arabian Nights.
Princess Scheherazade with her amazing intelligence proves to the world
that anything is possible with persistence, intelligence and will power.

The Merchant and the Genie: This magical story narrates the tale
of a faithful merchant, a powerful genie and the merchant’s friends, as they
come to help him with their thrilling stories.

The second young man and the two black dogs: A treasure trove of
tales. This one tells of how the friends of the merchant save him by convincing
the Genie with their tact.

The story of the Fisherman: This story tells of a poor fisherman who escapes
from a monster with his sheer intelligence.

The Greek King and the Physician Douban: This story has
a wonderful moral; it says that one who doubts a person who is loyal
to him will certainly not flourish in life.

The story of the Husband and the Parrot: This story narrates that
blind beliefs will only lead us to destruction.

The story of the Young King of the Black Isles: Filled with thrill
and fantasy, this story embodies the moral truth alone triumphs.

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