Meditation – Inner Yoga DVD

Dhyana or Meditation is a higher state of Yoga that may be attained
only after the practitioner has prepared themselves in a step-by-step
manner. Meditation is a way to unite with our Supreme Nature and may
be described as fixing the mind on the Supreme with devotion and discipline.
It is the seventh of the eight steps in the Ashtanga Yoga of Patanjali
and is part of the Antaranga or inner steps of Yoga. Meditation is
a transcendental state, where if there is awareness, it is awareness
of awareness itself, a state beyond the mind. Meditation is the fruit
of long and arduous effort. The mind is so trained in its focus that
it naturally flows into the object of contemplation. A deep, vibrant
quietness is the characteristic of meditation which infuses the entire
life style with calmness and control. Meditation becomes a quality
of mind that manifests in all aspects of our daily life. The mind develops
the capacity to delve into every experience, thought, emotion and situation
that arises, and this focused awareness produces Yogic skill in living.
** This presentation deals with various aspects of meditation including
Meditative Asanas and Mudras, Trataka, Pranava Meditation, Anthara
Japa, Anthara Dharana, Chakra Dhyana, Prana Kriya and Brahma Muhurta
meditation as taught in the Gitananda Yoga tradition.

Section-I: Asanas For Meditative Sitting: Sukha Asana, Vajra Asana,
Siddha Asana, Ardha Padma Asana And Padma Asana.

Section-2: Mudras
For Meditation: Jnana Mudra, Chin Mudra, Namaskar Mudra, Anjali Mudra,
Kailash Mudra, Bhairava Mudra, Bhairavi Mudra, Yoga Mudra, Bhumi
Sparsha Mudra And Mahabhinishkramana Mudra.

Section-3: Trataka: Yogic
Gazes: Jyoti Trataka, Bhrumadhya Drishti Trataka And Nasagra Drishti

Section-4: Anthara Dharana: Kshitijan Kriya, Eka Varna Kriya
And Jyotir Darshana.

Section-5: Pranava Dhyana.

Section-6: Chakra
Dhyana: Chakra Pranayama And Chakra Meditation,

Section-7: Anthara
Japa: Om Japa And Ajapa Japa.

Section-8: Prana Kriya.

Brahma Muhurta Meditation. Satsangha On Meditation

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