Bhima & Ekalvaya – Short Stories from Mahabharatha DVD

Bhima: The name Bhima brings to mind images of a young strong prince
equally well known for his physical strength as he was for his strength
of character. The second son of the Pandavas, Bhima was the eternal
problem solver, a great warrior and a noble prince. Song of Vaayu,
the wind god, Bhima’s life story is the epitome of discipline, Obedience
and hard work. Each story about Bhima’s life carries an important message
for all of us. In this series, exciting chapters of Bhima’s life have
been highlighted ? his hardships, obstacles and his triumphant

Ekalavya: Ekalavya’s story emphasizes an important lesson for today’s
generation of children ? that of respecting one’s elders. This
is a story about a young man’s loyalty to his guru and his deep and
abiding respect and affection for him ekalavya was a normal boy from
a hunter’s family who had a tremendous interest in archery. He learnt
archery on his own and proved his prowess to who he considered to be
his guru. When his guru asked for the ultimate sacrifice from an archer,
he willingly made it. Such was his commitment, which we should all
follow as an apt example of a truly devoted student

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