Gurudevay Namah CD

Gurudevay Namah

There are undoubtedly no contradicting views to the ancient Vedic belief that a man constantly needs the spiritual guidance of a Guru or a teacher in his life. Hinduism has always taught it proponents the unexplainable benefits that a Guru can bestow in the life of an ordinary human being. The Guru continuously exhorts his student to follow the path of righteousness, a life full of virtue and a self-realization that ultimately sails him toward nirvana or fulfillment. Thus this album is a rare treat to a tired, confused and a helpless mind that is in a constant thirst for illumination and direction in a listless lifestyle.

With exquisite Vedic shlokas and Mantras like Ganapati Shloka, Brahmarandhara Shloka, Dakshinamurthi Gayatri, Dakshinamurti Stotra, Sahastradal Pankaje and many other gems of teaching and knowledge, this album certainly clears the dark clouds wavering over our mind like a ceaseless stream of light spreading its shine everywhere it enters. This is indeed a highly recommended album for everyone in the family and especially for people leading a hectic and busy lifestyle as it provided the much sought after food for our hungry soul and mind.

Track Listing:

  • Ganpati Shloka
  • Commentary
  • Brahmarandhra Shloka & Dakshinamurti Gayatri
  • Dakshinamurti Stotra
  • Sahastradal Pankaje
  • Guru Paduka Panchakam
  • Tatranath Shloka
  • Guru Shloka & Dattatreya Dhyan
  • Dattatreya Stotra & Dhun
  • Dattatreya Gayatri
  • Nirvanashatakam
  • Mohe Laagi Lagan Guru Charanan Ki – Meerabai Bhajan & Chaitanyam Shloka

Concept – Swami Jayramdas
Singers – Amee Mathur, Sachin Limaye, Ashita Limaye & Abhishek
Commentary – Harish Bhimani

CD: $9.50
Cassette: $2.75

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