Bhishma & Drona – Short Stories from Mahabharatha DVD

Drona ? This is the story of a comman man who rose to great
heights to achieve fame, success and glory and who is immortalized
by his brave deeds and tremendous willpower. He rose above his circumstances.
Set his mind out to achieve smoothing and didn’t let anything hold
him back. Being the teacher of the pandavas and the kauravas. The training
of these great princes was in his able hands. He not only imparted
his knowledge of archery to his students but also instilled in them
values of valor and honour Drona’s Story is one that inspired and continues
to inspire us all. It shows us just what we can archieve once we put
our mind ? and heart to it

Bhishma ? Bhishma was the son of king Shantanu
and the holy river Ganga . Besides being well-versed in the Vedas and
sciences. He was also a skilled archer and a great warrior. Bhishma
is immortalized in the mahabharatha because of his steadfast determination
and dedication to duty and he remains to this day, a worthy example
for us all to follow

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