Sri Gayathri Sahasranamam DVD

Gayatri is said to be the Mother of the Vedas. She is the powerful Almighty. The infinite creative mother, principle of the Supreme Divine that prevades all existences, microcosmic and supports the functioning of Indriyas (instruments of volition thought, action and experience) inner as well s outer. She is the infinite source, blissful and effulgent of Love, Life & Truth and has the infallible power of perfection.

Track Listing:

  • Sri Gayatri Sahasranama
  • Sri Gayatri Mantra
  • Sri Saraswati Stotram

DVD Info:

  • Language: Sanskrit
  • Running Length: 59min, 40secs
  • Audio: 5.1 Digital Surround
  • Regions: NTSC, All Region

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