Gayatri Mantra

Mantras are the mystical formulae discovery by our ancient Scientists (Rishis) to invoke the infinite cosmic energy for the welfare of humans to enjoy a pleasant and peaceful stay on this earth. Amongst all the Mantras, the Gayatri Mantra, which is supposed to be the discovery of the sage Vishwamitra, is held high for its unfailing efficacy. It summons the deity Savita, the prime cause of this entire cosmos, the nucleus of the Sun and the energizer of the Solar system. Ther term �Gayatri Mantra� connotes the guaranteed protection to those who think of it, pronounce it and meditate upon it. �We meditate on the adorable effulgence of the Lord of all creations, so that it may energize our consciousness�. This is the central verbal idea of the Mantra.

It is in essence, a mystical formula couched in Vedic Gayatri meter with an order of sound or tune, and its repetition has a primary and a greater value than the actual meaning of the ideas in it. Hearing of the repetition of this sacred Mantra bestows good health, prosperity, and success in life, wisdom and the divine beatitude. Divine incarnations like Rama, Krishna, and the spiritual seers like Vishwamitra, Yagnavalkya, to mention a few, and all those who wield the divine and yogic powers, have down loaded the divine energy by reciting this Mantra from the infinite source of Gayatri, the mother principle, and attained the greatest benefits.

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Gayathri Mantra

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