Day Fast

Hindu Fasts: Day Fast

Said The God Of Fire:-

Now I shall describe the process of performing
the Divasa Vratas. First hear me discourse on the
process of practising a Dhenu Vrata (a cow-giving
Vrata), which should be practised by making the
gift of a cow, whose mouth and tail had been covered over with plated gold. The penitent should drink
clarified butter only on the day of its observance,
whereby he would attain an elevated station in the
next world. Similarly, by living simply on clarified
butter for three consecutive days, and by making
the gift of a golden Kalpa tree, a man attains the
Supreme Brahma. By making the gift of a twenty two
Pala weights of earth encased in a golden casket, a
man goes to the region of Rudra. Brahmanas should
be feasted, and gifts of clothes, beddings, seats, umbrellas, vessels, and holy threads, should be made to
them with the following prayer. “May all that which
has been made defective in this difficult vrata, through
my ignorance or omission, be remediaed and made
up, through your gracious benediction.” A man by
practising such a Vrata, ascends the region of Vishnu,
after a long and prosperous career on earth.

Now I shall describe the process of practising
the Karticka Vrata, which grants enjoyment of earthly
pleasures, and salvation after death. The Vrati should
eat only the composition known as the Panchagavya,
on the day of the tenth phase of the moon’s in-
crease in the month of Karticka, fast on the following day, and worship the god Vishnu, whereby he
would go to the region presided over by that deity.
By making gifts of five goats to a Brahmana and by
breaking his fast in the night for three consecutive
days, a man attains the highest felicity. In the Vrata,
known as the Krichachah Mahendra, the Vrata should
drink milk only for the first three nights, fast on the
next three, and practise the Vrata on the day of the
sixth phase of the moon’s increase in the month of

Similarly in the form, known as the Krichachah
Bhaskara, the penitent should live on curd on the
day of the eleventh phase of the moon’s increase in
the month of Karticka, and drink milk on the next
five days, whereby he would acquire immense wealth
In the Santapana Vrata, the diet of the penitent should
consist of wheat, articles made of wheat potherbs
curd, thickened milk, clarified butter and water, on
the day of the fifth phase of the moon.

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