Shivaratri Fast

Hindu Fasts: Koumuda Fast

Said The God Of Fire:

Now I shall describe the precess of practising the Koumuda Vrata, which should be first undertaken by observing a fast on the day of the eleventh phase of the moon’s increase in the month of Karticka, by reciting the Mantra which runs as- “Hence forth I shall practise the Koumuda Vrata, by observing a fast and worshipping the god Hari for a month, whereby I shall be liberated from the bonds of life, after a happy and prosperous career on earth.” Similarly the image of the god should be smeared with sandal-paste, and pasted Saffron and worshipped with the
flowers of Kalhar, Malati and lotuses. The Vrati should
observe the vow of absolute silence during the continuance of the Vrata, cause oil-lamps to be kept
lighted before the god, day and night, and offer oblations
to him consisting of porridge, cakes, etc., which should
be dedicated to the god by reciting the mantra run-
ning as “Om obeisance to Vasudeva.” The Brahmanas
should be feasted, and the god should be worshipped
on each day of the month till the day of his wakening. A man by observing such a vow of fast, attains
greater merit than what is acquired by practising the
preceding Vratas.

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