Shivaratri Fast

Hindu Fasts: Shivaratri Fast

Said The God Of Fire:

Now I shall describe the process of practising
the Shivaratri Vrata, which makes a man the envied
possessor of all the good things of the earth and
liberate him from the cycles of necessary existences.
The observer of the vow (Vrati), should observe a
fast and keep a vigil in the night on the occasion of
a dark Chaturdashi, occurring between the months
of Magha and phalguna, and pray as follows “I shall
practise the Vrata, known as the “ShivaRatri Vrata,”
fast on the day of its observance keep a vigil in the
night and worship the god Shiva, “I invoke the lat-
ter diety who blesses his votaries with earthly pros
perky and emancipates their souls after death.

I make
obeisance to the god Shiva, who serves as a boat in
taking the benighted souls across this stream of life.
Salutation unto Shiva, the absolute pacific soul,-who
increases the progeny of men, and crowns their devotion
with kingdoms and principalities, success in life, health
and erudition, and opens the gate of heaven to his
votaries. Increase my piety, augment my possessions,
0 lord, and may I have the envied goods of the
world in abundance and the capacity to enjoy them.
May I thrive in fame and happiness, and may I ascend
heaven and work out the liberation of my soul, through
the merit of my virtues, growing more and more
every day”.

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