Shree Ganesh Dhun Audio Titles

Shri Ganesh has been an adorable God for
countless devotees, as He is believed to have an almost magic wand
that eliminates our worries and dispels our unfounded fears and ushers
in streams of enlightenment that helps us in attaining self-realization.
With Shri Ganesh’s dhun reverberating on our lips our timid mind is
inflated with the ?Good-luck’ God’s blessings and we miraculously generate
a positive vibe that soothes the frayed nerves with ease.

This album comprises of the harmonious and popular Ganesh Mantra ?Gajanana
Shri Gajanana; Namo Namah Shri Gajanana?, in the flawless voice of
Shreya Ghoshal. This album is the perfect way to invoke the Elephant
headed son of Lord Shiv and Parvati, who is considered to be the
remover of all obstacles. A prayer is offered to the lord requesting
him to remove delays and dangers, from those paths, which are destined,
to lead to good and beneficial ends. Musically designed by J.S.R.Madhukar
in a traditional ?Dhun’ form, the album has a very aesthetic and
divine feel. A must buy album for this Shri Ganesh festive season
for all His devotees.

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