Divine Chants Of Rudra Audio Titles

This album is based on the Rudra form of Shiva. These are mantras that appease anger, improve immunity and emanate enlightenment. At various levels these mantras may convey different meanings, but in general they relieve stress, heal diseases and take the mind to a peaceful state of sacred union and silence.

Track Listing:

  • Shri Mahaganapati Prarthana Shri Rudra Rupa Dhyanam
  • Shri Rudra Nyasam – Atmanidevata Sthapanam
  • Shri Rudra Dhyanam, Gayatri, Shanti
  • Sri Rudra Prashnaha- Namakam
  • Chamakaprashnaha-Chamakam
  • Rudra Namaskara Mantra- Ghanam
  • Rudrashtakam
  • Panchavaktra Rudra Namaskaramantram


  • Uma Mohan

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