Lord Ganesh Contemplations I

21. Sri Haridra Ganapati

I salute Lord Haridra Ganapati, ho is radiant like termeric yello, hose face shines with yellow complexion, who has four hands, three carrying rope hook and sweet-meat and the fourth giving complete refuge to His devotees, destroying all their fears.

22. Sri Eka-Danta Ganapati

I invoke the pot bellied, dark complexioned, Lord Ekadanta Ganapati, who sportsan axe, sugarcane, rosary, laddu and tusk in His hands.

23. Sri Srushti Ganapati

May Lord Vinayaka, adorning rope, hook, tusk and mango in His hands sitting on His vehicle, the mouse, red complexioned and who is effecient in His creation, remove all obstacles and protect us.

24. Sri Uddanda Ganapati

May Uddanda Ganapati having red complexionm sporting red lily, lotus, gauva, mace tusk, sugarcane, arrow, flower, paddy corn-ear and rope in His multiple hands, embracing His fair complexioned consort, bestow auspiciousness on us.

25. Sri Rna-Mochaka Ganapati

May Lord Rnamochaka Ganapati, holding rope, hook, tusk and rose apple in His hands, shining like a crystal and adorning red clothes liberate us from all our debts (liabilities) and bestow happiness to us.

26. Sri Dhundi Ganapati

May Dhundi Ganapati, having rosary, axe, jewel pot and tusk in His hands, bring eternal joy to us

27. Sri Dwi-Mukha Ganapati

May the two-headed Lord Ganapati, holding tusk, rope, hook and jewel-pot in His hands, dark-complexioned, adorning red clothing, red crown and a garland be the harbinger of my properity.

28. Sri Tri-Mukha Ganapati

May Trimukha Ganapati ith three heads shining like a palasa flower, having in His right hands a sharp hook and rosary and holding the third right hand in the boon-giving gesture and having in His left hands a rope and a pot of nectar and Who is seated in a golden lotus, protect us.

29. Sri Simha Ganapati

May Lord Simha Ganapati adorning Veena, ish yielding creeper, sword and boon giving gesture in His right hands and jewel pot, flower bunch and protecting gesture in his left hands, lion faced with the trunk as fair as a conch and who shines like the soft moon and decked with effulgent jewels, protect us from all dangers and adversities.

30. Sri Yoga Ganapati

May Yoga Ganapati, seated in Yoga posture, in blissful meditation, radiant like the rising sun, clad in blue clothes, glowing like the soft moon, holding in His hands noose, sugarcane, arrow and the Yogadanda, protect us at all times from all obstacles.

31. Sri Durga Ganapati

May Durga Ganapati, shining like burnished gold ith a hefty body, with eight hands carrying hook, arrow, tusk and bow in the right hand, and rope, spear, creeper and rose apple in the left hnds and adorned with red garments, be the source ot our joy and happiness.

32. Sri Sankashta Ganapati

May Sankashta Ganapati, glowing like the rising sun and having lotus-bearing jewel-bedecked fair goddess on His lap, adorning in His right hands the hook and boon giving gesture and having in His left hands rope and pot of payasam, seated on a red lotus decked with blue clothes and always engaged in removing the sorrows of the devotees be pleased by our Sankashta-hara worship and protect us.

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