Shree Ganesh Suprabhatam

Shree Ganapati is not only the first worshiped but also the
most popular God among Hindus. In almost all spiritual and cultural
scriptures of India, plenty of literature, both lyrical and philosophical,
is spun aound Ganesh.

In this album, it is our purpose to pay respect to Lord Ganesh
through a set of unique Suprabhatam (a traditional Good Morning
to the God).

Track Listing:

  • Shree Ganesh Suprabhatam
  • Shree Ganeshashtakam
  • Shree Ganesh Prapathihi
  • Shree Vignaraja Karavakambana Stotram
  • Shree Ganesha Mangalashasanam


  • Shatavadhani Dr. R. Ganesh
  • Kumaru Manasi Prasad

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