Sarva Gayatri Mantras & Mrutyunjaya Stotras Audio Titles

The Sanskrit term “Gayatri Mantra” denotes the guaranteed protection
to those who think of it. Sound it by uttering it and meditate upon
it. It is in essence, a mystical metrical composition of rhythmic
syllables intended to produce an order of sound or tune, consistently
with the invocatory process of incantation enshrined in it. The order
of sound and its repetition has a primary and a greater value than
the actual meaning of the ideas in it. Gayatri is only the name of
metre in which many of the Rig vedic mantras are couched.

Apart from the popular Brahma mantra or “Savitaa Gayatri” here
ore the excellent collections, some of them ore rare, excelling in
their efficacy and potency, in the display of extra-ordinary mystic
and miraculous powers. wish all the devotees to get all auspicious benefits
by listening to this sacred recitation.

Track Listing:

  • Gayatri Mantras
  • Mrutyunjaya Stotra
  • Mrita Sanjivani Stotra
  • Amrita Sanjivani Stotra


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