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Devi: The Great Goddess

As Jaganmata, Mother of the Universe, she assumes cosmis proportions,
destroying evil and addressing herself to the creation and dissolution
of the worlds. As ‘Ma’, the gentle and approachable mother, she brings
succor and love. As the radiant dayini, she is the gracious donor
of boons, wealth, fortune and sucess. As the beloved representation
of feminine power, Devi comes down to earth and provides inspiring
models for earthly women. She is also a protector of lives. As a
supernatural force, she appears as semi-divine power manifesting
herself as spirits for larger good. She also manifests as women saints,
who are born on earth but endowned with deep spirituality and other
worldly powers. The Great Goddess, Devi has thus many guises.

Let’s bow before Devi Maa who is revered as the whole, the Absolute.

Track Listing:

  • Maa Jab Jab
  • Tu Sachhi Sarkar
  • Baithi gufa mein
  • Ye Jeevan to vyarth gawaya
  • Subah Savere uthkar maiya
  • Chalo Chalo Re
  • Pathanke Chalo Lal

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