Hanuman Chaalisa & Hanumad Stotras Audio Titles

Man becomes divine by constantly contemplating on the divine qualities
of the divine beings. Eulogies on the extraordinary divine characters
is to rejuvenate the innate powers that every body possesses. Chanting
of the stotras or even just hearing them bestow prosperity of all
kinds and peace of mind. Hanuman Chaalisa (Hindi) of the celebrated
devotee Sri Goswami Tulasidas, and other select Stotras in Sanskrit
on Chiranjivi (the ever living God) are unique in as much as they
are vibrant to establish divine connections and in granting the desired
objects. Hanuman is the embodiment of Knowledge of all kinds and
especially in Grammar. He is tributed by his mentor God Sri Rama
as one par excellent in the art of speech.

Contemplation on the divine qualities and recitation or listening
of Stotras on him is to imbibe his divine qualities apart from obtaining
intellect, strength, Fame, courage, fearlessness, and power of speech
and prosperity.

Track Listing:

  • Sri Hanumad Gayathri
  • Sri Hanumad Dhyanam
  • Sri Hanuman Chalisa
  • Sri Hanumad Bhujangam
  • Sri Hanumad Pancha Rathnam
  • Sri Hanumad Ashtakam
  • Sri Hanumad Sahasranamam
  • Mangalam

SA 068

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