Shiv Mahimna Stotra CD Audio Titles

This album is being launched in time for
the most devout month for Hindus – the month of Shravan which starts
on July 30th. The Shiv Mahimna Stotra is very popular among the devotees
of Lord Shiva and is considered one of the best among all Stotras (or
Stutis) offered to Lord Shiva. Shiva is the unanimously chosen deity
of Hinduism representing the ultimate answer of our ever-eager desire
of seeking the sublime truth.

An all-pervading belief is that Lord Shiva is the sole authority
of governing us and hence He is often described as the destroyer
or slayer of this world. He is known to be extremely compassionate
toward His true and staunchest devotees and is all the more venerated
during the pious month of ?Shravan’ with the meditation and singing
of this most principal form of worship ? the ?Shiv Mahimna Stotra’.
This magical album features for the first time ?Rudra Gayatri’ with
its complete synopsis, the Vedic ?Bilvashtakam’ and the enchanting
and most powerful ?Ardhnarishwar Stotra’ and finally culminating
with the mesmerizing ‘Shiv Mahimna Stotra’ among others.

A slew of singers like Ashit Desai, Hema Desai & Alap Desai have
sung in the album & the music has been composed & arranged by Ashit

The tracks featured in this album are as follows ?

  • Rudra Gayatri
  • Bilvashtakam
  • Shivparadh Kshamapan Stotra
  • Omkar Mahima (Aarti)
  • Ardhnarishwar Stotra
  • Shiv Mahimna Stotra

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