Hanuman Mantra Audio Titles

The glorification of Shri Ram is undoubtedly attained by going through
the passageway of unspeakable devotion, love and selfless worship
as symbolized by the eternal Bhakta ? Shri Hanuman. His limitless
reverence along with his fathomless spirit of loyalty toward Shri
Ram has been a source of numerous folklore stories that have found
respectable space within holy scriptures like the Vedas, Ramayana
that continue to inspire people till today. Hanuman of course is
believed to have received a boon from the Lord Himself to become
immortal for His sheer acts of worship and it is said that Shri Hanuman
is always at an arm’s length for anyone who seeks Him with the truest
faith and sincere belief.

Hanuman has always been associated with protection and welfare of
our health especially for children and His legendary life-saving
act of carrying the mountain that contained the miraculous herb Sanjivani
that cured Lakshman is remembered even today. This devotional album
is a beautiful presentation in praise of the powerful God ? Shri
Hanuman and it contains the most divine Shri Hanuman Mantra that
is sung in a captivating and enthralling way by the renowned singer
Suresh Wadkar in a melodious Dhun form that contains the Mantra in
repetition thus providing a soothing influence to all its listeners.
This excellent album culminates in the most apt way with the chanting
and singing of the Shri Hanuman Aarti that energizes and re-charges
the captivating ambience created by this wonderful composition of
devotion toward our favorite God ? Shri Hanuman.

Singer: Suresh Wadkar

Track Listing:

  • Shri Hanuman Mantra
  • Aarti Keejeye Hanuman Lalla Ki

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