Meditation Shawls

Meditation Shawl

Through out the ages Indian sages/saints and holy men have meditated enwrapped in the finest shawls of Kashmir not without reason. It is said that a good shawl not only warms the physical body but also enriches the mental and spiritual experience gained by meditation. At, we present you the finest quality of silk-pashmina shawls with over 500 varieties in 140 colours to choose from.

These multi-purpose shawls have been used in fashion too, but their sole purpose for which they have been carefully and painstakingly crafted should never be overlooked, ie. for meditation.

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Pinkish Grey Pink Mist Moonite Mauve
Pink Carnation

Carmine Rose Water Candy Pink
Pink Icing Prism Pink Morning Glory
Sachet Pink Raspberry Rose Scallop Shell
Coral Reef Papaya Punch Caracola Rosada
Coral Rose Golden Poppy Red Ochre
Tropical Peach Peach Nectar Melon
Coral Tawny Orange Autumn Sunset
Rojo Mandarin Double Cream Pastel Yellow
Tender Yellow Custard Banana
Amber Yellow Golden Nugget Vanilla
Almond Oil Pale Banana Golden Fleece
Limeade Primrose Yellow Citrus
Orchid Ice Purple Heather Fair Orchid
Lavender Sheer Lilac Viola
Paisley Purple Orchid Leaf Thistle
Sea Fog Lupine Persian Violet
Bouganvillea Blush Lavender Moonlight Jade
Ambrosia Pastel Green Zyphyr Green
Basil Oil Blue Alpine Green
Aqua Glass Neptune Green Glacier
Bright Lime Green Refresho Di Limon Bayon
Cactus Spa Sky Light
Soothing Sea Pastel Blue Sweet Lavender
Princess Blue Amparo Blue Smoke
Dream Blue Baby Blue Sky Blue
Dusk Blue Meditteranean Blue Dark Blue
Tea Rose Scarlet Cowhide
Raspberry Chinese Red Fiesta
Biking Red Sharon Red Bright Red
Ski Patrol True Red Ribbon Red
Jester Red Dark Red Brown Shell
Shifting Sand Sheepskin Sand
Honey Yellow Bronze Brown Nutmeg
Smoke Grey Cream Tan Warm Taupe
Rugby Tan Partidge Deep Taupe
Dark Brown Rainy Day Ashes of Rose
Vapor Blue Dapple Grey Abyss
Drizzle Gunmetal Surf the Web
Deep Ultramarine India Ink Patriot Blue
Ombre Blue Licorice Phantom
Ivory Ballad Blue Sweet Lilac
Carmine Rose Red Plum Chocolate Brown
Last Black Fawn Golden Olive
Capri Persian Jewel Royal Blue
Stone Grey Charcoal