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Krishna is the eight incarnation of lord Vishnu and
was born in the Dvarpara Yuga as the “dark one”. Krishna
is the embodiment of love and divine joy, that destroys all pain and
sin. Krishna is the protector of sacred utterances and cows. Krishna
is a trickster and lover, an instigator of all forms of knowledge and
born to establish the religion of love.

Krishna was born as the 8th child of Devaki, sister of the cruel demon
king Kamsa. The sage Narada had predicted that Kamsa would be killed
by his nephew, so the king killed Devaki´s first six children.
The 7th, Balarama escaped and the 8th, Krishna, was secretly exchanged
for a cowherds daughter.

Krishna was brought up in a cowherds family. As a child, Krishna had
great love for his foster-mother Yashoda.

Later Krishna loved to play the flute and to seduce the village girls.
Krishna is the deity of Hasya or Humour and a messenger of peace. His
favorite was Radha. This is known as the Krishna Leela.

After Krishna killed his uncle Kansa, he became king. In the great
Mahabaratha epic, Krishna spoke memorable words on the essence of Bhakti
Yoga or the Yoga of Devotion. They are at the centre of the Bhagavad

Krishna Leela comprises of 5 chapters and one of the most interesting section on Krishna

The complete epic of the fascinating Lord Krishna with unabridged text and supporting images are presented in this section :

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