Krishna Karnamrita Audio Titles

Krishna Karnamrita is a popular Sanskrit Lyric, nectar – like,
touching the ears of the listener by extolling the greatness and
divine powers of the Lord Krishna.. It is full of rhymes, chimes
and alliterrations. The details by suga in the Bhagavada has been
absorbed here with absording melody.

The recital of the passionate outpouring of heart on the sports
of Krishna with sweetness, simplicity, purity and melody combined
ith the esoteric meanings, elevates the soul towards the divinity.
The inspiring rhapsodies will fetch the pleasant and soul stirrings
mystic experience apart from the grace and mercy of the Lord that
grant the needs such as wealth, health and peace of mind.

Track listing:

  • Guruvandam
  • Sri Krishna Mahima
  • Sri Krishna Sushama
  • Sri Krishnavarima
  • Rasakreeda
  • Sri Krishna Madurima
  • Sri Krishna Bakti Rasayanam

CDSR 094

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