Sacred Mantras of India CD

Sacred Mantras of India

This is a path-breaking album having all the right ingredients in making of an eternal masterpiece. It presents a perfect blend of authentic mantras of Hinduism with the modern rhythms of today?s fusion music and the result is awe-inspiring. One gets lifted in to the airy elevations of a heady connotation while listening to the sounds of the traditional Hindu chants like the Surya Mantra, Aditya Hridayam, Pratah Smaran blended in the harmonious tunes of ?Raag Bhatiyar? or listening to chants like Ganesh Mantra, Guru Stuti, Vasudev Sutam Devam in the classical sounds of ?Raag Parmeshwari? gives a feeling of perpetual ecstasy united with the pure fragrance of devotion. It is our modest assertion that you would not find such an exhilarating compilation of the finest Sacred Hindu Mantras immersed in the rich realm of Indian classical Ragas in one such music album.

This album also contains the following tracks:

  • Chants- Raag Bhatiyar (Surya Mantra- Aditya Hridayam, Pratah Smaran.
  • Chants- Raag Parmeshwari (Ganesh Mantra, Guru Stuti, Vasudev Sutam Devam.
  • Chants- Raag Bilawal (Omkar Vindu, Mukam Karoti Vachalam, Kayena Vacha.
  • Chants- Raag Gorakh Kalyan (Asato Maa, Purna Mada, Sarve Bhavantu, Sahana.
  • Chants- Raag Bhairavi (Yada Yada Hi Dharmasya, Ya Devi Sarve Bhuteshu.

CD: $9.50
Cassette: $2.75

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