Radha Krishna Dhun Audio Titles

When Krishna left Vrindavan, He stated that no matter where He
resided physically, Radha would forever dwell in His heart and her
name would always precede His. Hence one always chants “Radhe Krishna” and
never “Krishna Radhe”.

This Dhun is a melodious rendition in reverence of Lord Krishna;
The possessor of supreme energy and Radha, who is His energy. The
hallmark of devotion for Lord Krishna are hinghlighted with a huge
range of emotions – from passion and fervor to renunciation and surrender.
Lord Krishna is the Destroyer of demons, Restorer of Dharma, Saviour
of Devotees. A playful child and eternal lover.

It is said, that The Lord must always be approched through His
devotees. Radha took one step towards Lord Krishna and he reciprocated
by bestowing her with infinite love. This album serves as a medium
for devotees to pay tribute to the Immortal couple – Radha & Krishna.
The tranquil “Radha Krishna Dhun” when chanted / heard with complete
devotion, can make our lives more virtous and fruitful. Sung By:

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