Krishna Rang CD Audio Titles

The various hues and colors of Krishna are said to be unimaginable
and are immersed in the translucent lights of the omnipresence qualities
of the Dark One – The Beloved God Krishna. One of the most amazing
aspects of Hinduism is the evolvement and the interpretations of
the various Avatars (Incarnations) of the Almighty – the All-Pervading
Vishnu or The Benefactor of this universe that are seeped in to our
minds since pre-historic Vedic times.

Of course out of the various Avatars of Vishnu, the life and incidents
of Krishna has left the most impact over our lives that no doubt
lingers on our psyche till today. This path-breaking album has captured
numerous untold nuances and manifestations of Krishna that are extremely
significant and leave the listeners enchanted and craving for more
such juices of enthrallment that has captivated us. The tracks of
this par excellence devotional album dedicated to the glory of Krishna

  • Inner Voice Prastavik Vandana
  • Commentary ( Hindi )
  • Shri Krishna Ki Alag – Alag Chaviyo Ko Leker, Yeh Naamo Ki Akhand
  • Shree Krishna Ke Naamo Ki Sangeetmala Jaree

Artist: Vaijayanti Limaye

Music Director: Dr. Prabha Atre

This devotional album has compiled numerous modes of meditation
in the form of chanting of the manifold names of Shri Krishna and
therefore this presentation is surely a must buy item for any Krishna
Bhakt and others too.

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