Shivoham CD Audio Titles

From time immemorial, Lord Shiva has captured the imagination of
people in India and beyond. The very name of Shiva evokes love, respect
and awe all in the same breath.

Shiva has two aspects, the unmanifest and the manifest. The transcendtal,
eternal infinite field of all energies (Shakti) as the source of
creation is the unmanifested Shiva.

The manifest aspect of Shiva is Shambhu. Shakar and Mahadev
as one of the lords of Trinity, who dissolves the precious state
to enable new creation of Brahma.

Track Listing:

  • Pratah Smaran
  • Shiva Stuti
  • Shiva Manas Puja
  • Shivashtak
  • Shiva Shadakshar Stotra
  • Lingashtakam
  • Shiva Panchakshar Stotra
  • Pudrashtak
  • Shiva Tandav Stotra


  • Ashit Desai
  • Hema Desai
  • Alap Desai

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