Sri Krishna Sahasranamam & Other Krishna Stotras Audio Titles

When men suffer with mental strains, physical stresses and peacelessness
and when no medicine could give relief, the spiritual path is resorted
to and it is effective. Pray your best and leave the rest to God.
Prayers through Sanskrit the divine language to any chosen deity
accomplishes one’s aspirations and fulfils the demand of the soul
and acts as the healing agent to any problem concerning the physique
or the psyche).

Here are some prayers to Lord Krishna the most commonly worshipped
deities because of His great Godly power. He is considered to be
the eighth avatar of Lord Vishnu, Sri Krishna delivered Bhagavad
Gita. He is well known for his bravery in destroying evil powers.
The Lord is usually depicted as playing the flute (murolij, indicating
spread of the melody of love to people. He is also shown with his
childhood devotee Rodho. The Lord is usually remembered and worshipped
as Radha-krishna. The pair symbolizes the eternal love between people
and god. Lord Krishna is also shown with his pet cow, his childhood
favorite. Lord Krishna performed many divine sports (leela) as a
child. Establishing contact with this Super power through prayer
achieves all our demands and leads to success in all spheres of life.

This Compact Disc / Audio Cassette contains Sri Krishna Gayatri,
Sri Krishna Sahasranamam GopikaGitam, Gopalavimsoti, Sri Krishnashtakam
[Adi Sankaro), Madhurashtakam, Konduka Stotram (Modhvocarya), Krishnashtakam,
Krishna Ohyanamala, and Sri Krishna Mangolam.

These are tuned in a spiritual rhythm and recited by Dr.R.Thiagarajan,
the Head of the Post graduate and Research Dept of Sanskrit, Presidency
College, Chennai with his team Sri P.S.Roghuraman M.A.MPhil., Sri.R
Bhaktavatsalam, and Sri PJogadeesa Bhot with the technical support
of the famous Director Sri Manikkavinayakam. wish all the devotees to obtain the grace of Lord
Krishna and lead a life of prosperity and spiritual enlightenment!

Track Listing:

  • Sri Krishna Gayathri & Sri Krishna Sahasranamam.
  • Gopika Geetham (Rasaleela)
  • Sri GopalaVimsathi.
  • Sri Krishnashtakam (Adi Sankara)
  • Madhurashtakam.
  • Kanduka stotram.
  • Krishnashtakam.
  • Sri Krishna Dyana Mala.

SA 074

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