Shlokas For Children DVD

Everyone in this world want their child to be brought up in an environment conductive to their physical and mental health. Of course, when the minds of the children are tuned towards the spiritual songs, their thoughts, attitude, behaviour, character, speech and their way of life gets transformed and their personality gets enhanced.

Our ancestors in India, knew the efficacy of teaching shlokas and hence they had followed an unwritten custom. The faith in our ancestors and their customs would no doubt prove fruitful. For the value of this training, the children will thank their parents when they grow up.

Track Listing:

  • Ganesha Shloka
  • Shiva Shloka
  • Dakshinamurthy Shloka
  • Saraswati Shloka
  • Hayagriva Shloka
  • Rama Shloka
  • Krishna Shloka
  • Subramanya Shloka

DVD Info:

  • Language: Sanskrit
  • Running Length: 61min, 31secs
  • Audio: 5.1 Digital Surround
  • Regions: NTSC, All Region

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