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God is described as the “param isvara” or the supreme controller.
There are many controllers or isvaras in the universe, like Vayu
who controls the air, Indra who controls the rain and Surya who controls
the Sun. But all these controllers are in turn controlled by some
one else and if go up the chain we finally reach the supreme controller,
one who directly or indirectly controls every one, but has no controller.
This supreme controller is ultimate origin of everyone and everything.
He has no other origin and He is the cause of all causes. Lord Brahma
states that this supreme controller, is Krishna, also known as Govinda.

Krishna is a person, an individual, with a transcendental body
full of the most dazzling splendor. Even though Krishna is the oldest,
the most ancient and primeval, He looks ever youthful. His eyes are
like the petals of a blooming lotus flower. His head is decorated
with a peacock feather. His complexion is bluish, like the hue of
rain clouds. Around His neck swings a garland of flowers decorated
by the moon-locket and He is adorned by many jewels. In His hands
he holds a flute and He manifests a graceful, threefold bending form.
All the creations, material and spiritual are inside Krishna, yet
He is present in His complete form within each and every atom. He
is non-different from His potencies and by these potencies He creates,
maintains and destroys.

The effulgence of His body is the impersonal, non differentiated
Brahman glorified in the Upanishads. His external potency embodies
the three modes of material nature, goodness, passion and ignorance,
but He is never touched by these modes. The wheel of time moves under
His direction yet He is never affected by it. He lies on Ananta Sesa,
His own plenary portion, in yoga-nidra (creative sleep) and creates
millions of universes from the pores of His hair that last only the
duration of His exhalation, yet in each of these universes He descends
as His own avatar. All virtues, all vices, the Vedas, all forms of
austerity, all living entities, the nine elements of the material
worlds, the spiritual worlds, the cycle of karma, all enjoyment and
suffering, all devotional service, everything that is to be known
comes from Krishna. He is the cause of all causes.

This unique presentation is as unique as the personality of the
Lord Himself. It immerses the listener in the depths of its enchanting
bhajans and soulful music and enriches the entire consciousness of
our being. Truly an unforgettable experience for a staunch Krishna


  • J.S.R. Madhukar

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