Mahalakshmi Mantropasana Lakshmi Audio CD Titles

Goddess Sri Mahalakshmi is the deity who bestows of mega luck,
material prosperity, wealth and Divine wisdom to all Her devotees.
She is the divine “shakti” variously manifesting as Mahalakshmi,
Vidyalakshmi, Vaibhavalakshmi, Kuberlakshmi, Soubhagyalakshmi and
so on depending on the appeal of the devotees through prayers to
get their wishes fulfilled. She is the one who recommends Her devotees
to Her Lord Narayana for their salvation.

The mystical formula in the form of Mantras discovered by our ancient
Rishis to grace and favour of Mahalakshmi has the time tested efficiency.
Any mantra gains impetus only when it is repeated several times with
one-pointed devotion and concentration on the spell. But, a perfect
diction alone can bring about the salutary effect of the Mantra.

The hearing of this audio title in meditative mood would fetch
excellent benefits from the Goddess of fortune, Mahalakshmi.

Singer: Suchitra Krishnamoorthy

SA 094

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