Sree Lalita Sahasranama Audio Titles

Mother Lalita is considered to be the ‘Jagat Mata’ literally meaning
Mother of this universe. She is worshipped mainly during the Navratras
(that occur twice during the year) specially on the ‘Panchami’ that
is on the fifth day of the pious period of Navratras. Mother Lalita
is the manifested symbol of all arts, crafts, knowledge and wisdom.
Her appearance and inner beauty is perceived to be like the all encompassing
and powerful Sun that reflects glory and illustriousness. On the
other hand She is also conjectured to represent the calmness and
serenity of the sublime flow of cool breeze.

According to Hinduism it is believed that the daily recitation
or listening of Sree Lalita Sahasranama is extremely beneficial for
tranquil and peaceful family life and for a prosperous existence.
It is also believed to be of assistance in removal (and prevention)
of illness and disease for children and other family members.

We worship and meditate Mother Lalita in the form of recital of
Her Aarti that bestows immense benefits to Her devotees. Goddess
Lalita who is also referred to as ?Tripurasundari’, ?Anandamayi’
is the protector and guardian of the entire world. It is our humble
prayer that the Mother accepts our modest devotion and blesses us
for a harmonious and peaceful co-existence.

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