Om Vedaya Namah Audio Titles

Om Vedaya Namah

The onward progress of science and technology has had huge changes
in our daily routines and living, leading to huge increases in stress,
anxiety and tension amongst mankind. The enlightened amongst us will
surely realize the importance of keeping in touch with our inner
selves at this moment of great change and turmoil.

The Vedic mantras and chants selected in the album are some of
the most powerful and evocative mantras that may be found in the
Vedas. Familiar to one and all, these potent Vedic chants and mantras
have favorable vibrations that dispel much of the stresses of daily
life, cleansing us from negative energies and impurities.

The sheer sound of these chants has a purifying effect, not only
on our individual souls, but also on the immediate environment. The
purifying effects of these mantras thus go on to enrich and harmonize
the body, mind and spirit of the listener and the surroundings.

Come give in to the power of the Vedas!

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