Indian Philosophy On Internet

As we are heading towards the new millennium, today’s fast paced technology provides everything to us at the touch of the button. The NYT’s or the yuppies as they say are ready to spend unlimited amount of money on entertainment – such as clubs, pubs, pool and Internet. In this age of hi-tech and the world shrinking by every second, we have forgotten our roots, we have unlimited entertainment, but not peace of mind. Nobody knows where peace can be attained.

Here’s is a company called Cerebrum Tech, the brain child of Rohit & Nitin Sharma, where the methodology in approaching technology and to derive the most out of it so as to be foremost in today’s new age communication is the sole aim.

Hence the germination of an idea . This is the first and the only site, which gives you comprehensive information about the Indian philosophy, original Vedic scriptures and above all the mantras of attaining peace along with free audios.

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