Radha Aradhana Audio CDs Titles

This is another album from Shri Venu
Gopal Goswamiji, the master teacher and musician par excellence
in the field of devotion and spirituality. Human life is becoming
self-centered everyday and to ‘live for oneself only’ is becoming
the purpose of life for most of us. When only selfish interest
becomes purpose of life, then love suffers and life is full of
emptiness. The vision of Radha Rani teaches us her sublime and
complete devotion towards Shri Krishna. This becomes the purpose
of Radha Rani – to forget herself completely and devote herself
to Shri Krishna and Shri Krishna also devotes Himself completely
to Radha. This is the divine love where happiness of Shri Krishna
becomes satisfaction of Radha Rani. Chanting ‘Radha Radha’ gives
us the devotion for Shri Krishna. When devotion becomes one’s purpose
in life, emptiness is absolutely removed. This album features the
sacred Jaap of ‘Radha Radha Jai Jai Radha’ & ‘Radha Rani Ki Jay’.

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