MANTRA ON NET : Festivals Of India: Rishi Panchami

The fast on this day is undertaken by man and women alike. Its effect is to wash away sin done voluntarily or involuntarily. After a bath in the sacred water, clean your hands 108 times, wash your mouth 108 times and listen to
the story of Ganesa, Navagreh, Saptrishi and worship Arundhati. Eat only fruit one tune in the day. Give oblation to the Brahmin.

A certain king Sitasale asked Brahma to tell him the fast, which is of utmost bliss and bestows quick result. Brahma replied that Rishi Pane mi fast was the one such by virtue of which all sins are washed away. He narrated the story of a virtuous Brahmin Utank of Vidharba region. His wife was a devoted wife Shushila. They had two children, a son and daughter. The daughter was married to a young capable boy, but unfortunately became a widow soon. The parents made a cottage on the bank of Ganges and lived there with their widow daughter. One day while asleep the ants covered the body of the daughter. The parents were perplexed. The Brahmin through meditation found out that in previous birth, she had entered the kitchen on the day of menstruation. The routine is-that on the first day of menstruation, the woman is Candalini (demon), on second day Brahmdhatini (wizard), on third day a washer woman, and on fourth day after bath, she becomes purified. Women undertaking Rishi Pane mi fast do not suffer from attack of worms’ and in all future births remain happy.

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