Sri Vidya(Laghu) Pooja Saraswati Audio Titles

In the Upasana, Pooja is the preeminent means of worship “Sri Vidya
Pooja, is the Devi Upasana. In Sri Vidya, the main divinity adored
as absolute and tanscendent reality is Mahashakthi, the universal
Mother. Sri Vidya i; the synonym of Brahmavidya or paravidya. Sri
Vidya Mantras Panchadosi, Shodasi vibrate towards the Goddess, In
Sri Vidyn Pooja the most important forms of yoga meet. The greatest
contribution of Sri Vidya, is laya yoga, or kundalmi yoga and is
the true and unique matrix (source) of great evolutionary system.
In that process of cosmic evolution, mohashakthi evolves in different
and consecutive phases as Kala, Bindu and Nada. The awakening of
Kundalini, is made possible with Srividya Mantras, The transmission
of that knowledge is preserved in the guru parampara tradition. It
is imperative that the aspirant should get initiation of this Mantra
from a Guru, feel proud to place this unique presentation for
the first time to al! the Srividya Upasakas for a prosperous and
peaceful life, and to obtain the aspired Siddhis.

Track Listing:

  • Mantra Tantra, Yantra Gayatri
  • Poorvanga Pooja:
  • Chaturyathana Pooja,
  • Pradhana Pooja

CDSR 004

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