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Glory to you, O Shiva ! Glory to you, O Omkara ! May Brahma, Vishnu and the assembly of other gods, including the great Lord Shiva, relieve me of my afflictions .
As Vishnu you have but one face, as Brahma four and as Shiva five. They gladden the sight of all who behold them. As Brahma you prefer the back of the swan for your seat ; as Vishnu you like to ensconce yourself on the back of Garuda and as Shiva to make the sacred bull your conveyance ; all these stand ready. O Great Lord, pray rid me of my afflictions .
As Brahma you possess two arms, as Vishnu four and as Shiva ten, all of which look matchlessly lovely. No sooner do the inhabitants of the three spheres behold you than they are all enchanted.
You are, O great Lord Omkara, wearing a garland of Rudraksa, Another of forest flowers and the third of skulls ; your forehead, glistening in the moonlight which it holds, is smeared with  sandal paste and musk .
O great Lord Omkara, your body is attired in white and yellow silken clothes and in tigerskin, while in your company are troops of goblins, gods like Brahma and the divine seers like Sanaka .
O great Lord Omkara, you hold a kamandalu(the mendicants water jar)  in one of your hands and in another a trident ; you bring joy to all, destroy all distress, and sustain the whole world.
The ignorant know Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva as three individual gods, but they are all indistinguishably fused into a single mystic syllable �OM� .
Says Swami Shivananda : � He who recites this Aarti to the Lord of the three gunas � sattva, rajas and tamas � attains fulfillment of his heart�s desire. 

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