Navagraha Shakti Audio CD

Navagraha Shakti

The power and the tremendous influence wielded by the Nine Planets – Navagraha on our everyday lives is simply astounding and amazing. It is said in the Vedas that all the Nine Planets govern our lives in a complex and an accurately systematic manner that follows the arithmetic to perfection and one must understand the complexity of these issues in order to lead a peaceful and harmonious life. This exquisite album tackles the multifaceted subject of the Nine Planets amazingly and guides the listeners in a step-by-step way through this maze of intricate information that leaves us spellbound and in a trance of meditation and spirituality.

This album contains the Signature Prayer of the Navagraha Shakti – the raw Power of the Nine Planets, the beautiful Shloka in praise of Lord Ganesha – the controller of the Nine Planets, Navagraha Gayatri for all the Nine Planets, the Navagraha Peeda Hara Stotram, Navagraha Stuti, Navagraha Stotram and finally the all-encompassing and magical rendition of the Navagraha Chalisa from the Chalisa Sangrah leaves the listener in a reverie and a spell of never-before realized streams of spirituality. It is indeed a superb devotional album that teaches us all the unheard and unknown aspects of the Power of Nine Planets – the Navagraha Shakti.

Track Listing:

  • Signature Prayer
  • Shloka in praise of Lord Ganesh
  • Navagraha Gayatri
  • Navagraha Peeda Hara Stotram
  • Navagraha Stuti
  • Navagraha Stotram
  • Navagraha Chalisa

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