Anand Utsav Audio Title

Anand Utsav

This is an extremely unique and innovative devotional Bhajan album by Shri Nitin Limaye, a follower of Shri Shri Ravi Shankar. The music and the sounds of this album radiate a wonderful symphony of never heard before music that is rare in today�s crowded world of the so-called �devotional music�. Anand Utsav literally translates into the Celebration of Happiness and this is what the album aims at and does succeed in spreading gushes and streams of Happiness that gets converted into a Celebration of our inner poise and harmony. This superb album features some of the favorite bhajans of the Art of Living foundation and propagates the serene and tranquil sounds of meditative silence to its listeners who would undoubtedly experience an inner glow after this illuminating journey.

Track Listing:

  • Raam Naam Ladva
  • Shri Krishna Govind Gopala
  • Rama Ho Rama Ho
  • Nand Lala Ne Mata Yashoda
  • Narayan Narayan
  • Shiv Shambho Shiv Shambho

CD: $9.50

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