Meditation CD Arogyam Anadanam Mantras for health & well-being

Arogyam Anadanam Mantras for health & well-being

Health is Wealth: Look at all the TV commercials and other advertising messages. Right from television to refrigerators to even soft drinks and sweets, almost all of them have a product to offer that has a health benefit to the consumer. All this is a clear indication where our lives are leading to and of what is uppermost in the minds of people today.

?Health is Wealth? as the age-old adage goes and it is certainly not untrue. As modern life gets more and more competitive, the resulting imbalance in our bodies has led to more sick people today than ever. To make it worse, the climatic and environmental conditions around us have not helped us at all. Today, there is not one household where there is at least one member suffering from some chronic illness or the other. While some spend a lifetime and a fortune trying to overcome simple problems like a common cold or wheezing, others simply work themselves up and offer themselves like sacrificial lambs to the greatest killer of modern times ? hypertension. The rising costs of health care are also another source of anxiety.

?We are not bodies with souls, we are souls with bodies? ? anatomy of ?dis-ease?. What is disease or ?dis-ease? (the word being self-explanatory)? It is basically an indication that something within us is not at ease, that some energy somewhere is blocked in or around the body, so it is out of balance.

Our bodies are made up several ?chakra? or energy centers aligned one below the other in the center of the body. Though there are seven main chakras, there are literally hundreds of other, lesser known chakras. Each of them resonates with a different sound and each has an effect on a part of the body. Imbalances in chakras lead to imbalances in the associated parts of the body. Why, even our emotions are one of the largest energy producing centers; any negative, unresolved or repressed emotions are also capable of causing disease, as modern science is just discovering.

Healing with mantras:

Despite all the advances made in modern medicines which do in fact work their way into bringing back the balance in our bodies on a physical plane, let us not loose sight of the fact that our bodies are basically ?self healing? instruments.

Let us not forget that everything in the universe is energy. We may appear to be “solid” matter but if we magnify our cells down to our atoms, we would see that we are made up of subtle energy fields and not matter. And what are the basic building blocks of energy, if not sound and light?
Sanskrit mantras or shlokas are composed of sound syllables that correspond to the spokes of certain chakras in the subtle body. When a mantra or shloka is uttered, the related chakra vibrates in harmonic resonance. It opens a passage for the Universal energy to flow in more freely into the chakra energizing and attuning the inner and outer bodies of the person who chants or listens to them.

Aanandam Aarogyam

From the Durga Saptashati of the Markandeya Purana we have a mantra ? a prayer to the mother goddess, whose repeated chanting is supposed to create a positive resonance in the atmosphere of the listener and in turn helps the person to feel stronger and relaxed in body, clearer in mind and more uplifted in spirit.

The contents:

Shanti Mantra

May all attain happiness, may all be healthy, may all enjoy good fortune, may none suffer misery and sorrow.

Shiv Prarthana

A prayer of surrender to Lord Shiva. Though Brahma is the Creator and Lord Vishnu is the one who sustains the world, it is Lord Shiva who is the true Origin and End of the Universe, for it is He who decides its destruction and the creation of new life. Despite all, he is still the Eternal Ascetic, far removed from the chaos and commotion of the world, at peace with Himself and with His devotees who have chosen to surrender themselves at His feet.

Sankalp-shakti ka shloka

Will power or resolve is one thing that enables us to cross the toughest hurdles in life with equanimity. Beneath any successful man or undertaking lies his resolve. In fact one of the things that defines man is his will power and resolve. We offer a prayer to the Almighty to bestow upon us the capability and strength of will power and resolve.

The Aanandam Aarogyam mantra

This powerful mantra addressed to the Goddess is taken from the Durga Saptashati of the Markandeya Purana. Those blessed her find themselves free of any disease or malaise, while those who arouse her wrath find themselves thwarted at every point in their lives. Those who surrender Her are infused by such grace and strength that they themselves become capable of giving strength and succor to others. This mantra can be repeated any time of the day any number of times; the more frequent its repetitions, the more being its efficacy. In this album, it is chanted 108 times.

Rog Nivaaran Sukta

These are seven verses or ?richas? taken from the Rigveda and the Atharvaveda, supposedly composed by Rishi Shantaati in the Atharveda and rishis Bharadwaj, Kashyap, Gautam, Atreya, Vishwa mitra, Jamadagni and Vashishtha at different times. They pray to the God Vishwadeva for liberation from disease and good health.

Aashirwad Shloka from the Rigveda

This shloka is a benediction from the Almighty, blessing mankind with the gift of good health and longevity.

Anandam Aarogyam Dhun

This is a continuous dhun (verse) that helps in healing of the body and its afflicted parts.


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