Saranam Ayyappa Audio Title

Saranam Ayyappa

On the peak of the Sabari Hills at the southern tip of the Sahyadri range streching into Kerala, is the abode of Lord Shri Dharma Shastha, popularly known as Ayyappa. Born out of the union of Lord Shiva & Lord Vishnu (in the guise of Mohini), Ayyappa is considered the third son of Shiva.

Devotees of Lord Ayyappa, go through 41 days penance before embarking on pilgrimage to the Sabarimala. During this period, daily pooja, after the aarti, they chant the Namaskar Shlokas. These beautifully worded Shlokas describe Lord Ayyappa in all his glory and also signify total surrender and prostration to the Lord.

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