Sacred Symbols – The Sacred Shikha

A devout Hindu keeps a Shikha or Bodi which is known as Tiki in Eastern India. This is a little lock of hair which originates from Brahmatalu or the centre of the head wherefrom the fountain of aura light glow originates and where Brahma?the creator of the world?resides. These Shikhas are sometimes merely a tuft of hair slightly longer than the rest of the hair. In Southern India, the practice of keeping a Shikha by a devout Brahmin is widely in vogue. Generally, one can find Tamilian Brahmins shave off their hair except the Shikha.

According to the Tantric school of thought this Shikha is regarded as the orifice of the spirit from where spirit enters at the time of initiation and leaves at the occurrence of death. It is commonly believed that before initiation one is as good as dead. This Bodi is the repository of spirit because all spiritual energy lies there. According to Vedic text ‘Void is he if he is not covered and is clean shaved’ because for him Shikhais the cover for protection. Thus a devout Hindu who sports the tuft or Shikha can face any eventuality in life in a composed manner.

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