Chants to Awaken the Lord CD

Chants to Awaken the Lord

In the transcendental state, god is the only reality… But in the relative world in which we live, He is the King of Kings. The Hindu worships the deity in the temple as a great King and receives boons from Him. This is an experince of life. Just as the King is roused from sleep with music at early dawn, the deity at the temple is worshipped with Suprabhatams.


  • Sriman Narayana
  • Ucchishta Ganapathy Suprabatham
  • Yogalakshmi Narasimha Suprabatham
  • Soorya Gayathri
  • Soorya Suprabatham
  • Shirdi Saibaba Suprabatham
  • Sri Lalitha Prathasmaranam
  • Shiva Prathasmaranam
  • Durga Prathasmaranam
  • Gayathri Mantra
  • Dhanvantri Gayathri
  • Om Chanting


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